Anemometro per Smartphone per piloti Mjolnir VaaVud

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    Anemometro per Smartphone per piloti  Mjolnir VaaVud

    Anemometro per Smartphone per piloti Mjolnir VaaVud

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€ 18.30

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 VaaVud e
Presenta in collaborazione con la Life365 ITALY la distribuzione all’ingrosso

dell’anemometro da loro prodotto.
Compatibile con tutti i modelli si Smart phone Android e IOS
Comprende una confezione in grado di proteggere lo strumento completa di istruzioni in diverse
lingue tra le quali anche Italiano, la pratica sacca in neoprene con moschettone.
Il funzionamento e semplicissimo, applica l’anemometro sulla presa cuffie del cellulare, esponilo al
vento e in pochi secondi misura la velocità e nel caso del modello Sleipnir anche la direzione.
Disponibili 2 modelli:
Vaavud – Mjolnir
Il misuratore del vento Vaavud trasforma il tuo
smartphone in uno strumento meteorologico ad alta
tecnologia. Prende letture accurate del vento, con
vento da 2 - 20 m / s (fino a 24 m / s su iPhone 5S e
fino a 48 m / s su alcuni telefoni Android), con una
precisione di +/- 4%. Viene fornito con una pratica
borsa in neoprene in modo da poter proteggerlo e
tenerlo sempre con voi.


The wind meter Mjolnir is the first product of the young Danish company Vaavud. The product has been succesfully sold within a year in 96 countries. This compact wind meter connects with the samrtphone via the headphone jack and then measures the wind speed in less than 30 seconds with the help of a special app. The device is made for surfers, kite surfers, sailor, and golfers as well for all those who deal with the weather or have a hobby such as paragliding where wind plays an important role. Also for event organizers or climatologists the device is extremely useful.
The wind meter Mjolnir works like an anemometer and functions completely without any electronics. The secret lies in the magnet that cooperates with the compass in the smartphone. The signal is measured and then converted into wind speed. 
The Mjolnir - the name comes from Thor's hammer; Thor is the God of thunder and his hammer is a no frills tool that is very good at what it does, and it is virtually unbreakable - is plugged into the headphone jack of your smartphone and the two magnets produce a magnetic field that is detected from the smartphone. The app works with a special algorithm, calculates the windmill rotation quickly and shows how strong the wind is blowing. Measurements can also be made when the smartphone is offline or when no signal is available. The measurements are then shown automatically as soon as the smartphone is back online on a special map in the app. The free app can be downloaded in the iTunes App store or google play and displays the average and maximum wind speed. Users can choose from different units (knots, km/h and m/s). 
The wind meter is ruggedt, stable and ideal for traveling. The information of the measurements will be automatically loaded on a card and other users can access this data. All personal information is anonymized.


-Small, accurate wind readings,
- Comes with a stylish neoprene case,
- Accurate wind readings at wind speeds 2 – 20 m/s with a precision of +/- 4%,
- A reading takes approx. 30 seconds, 
- Connects to the smartphone via the headphone jack smartphone, the associated app immediately displays the reading,
- Wind readings can be shared or forwarded immediately on the app,
- No electronics,
- Available in red and white,
- FREE Download of the Vaavud Wind Meter App in the Google Playstore or Apple Store,
- The device can also make wind readings when the phone is offline or just not receiving a signal. When a signal is available, the measurements will be automatically displayed on the map in the app.
- Material: plastic,
- Length of the Anemometer: 11.3 cm,
- Compatibility: Works with the following devices: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6PLUS -iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini and air, as well as Android 2.3,
- Weight: 17 g.


Vaavud is a young company from Denmark, which was founded by 
kite surfers, wind surfers and outdoor sports freaks with the goal 
to find an easy way to get and share wind information from remote 
surf spots. It quickly became clear though, that the company was 
onto something with a much broader appeal: Sailors, paragliders, 
scientists, farmers and many others found it very useful to have a tool 
that connects to the smartphone and that they carry with them anyway.

Vaavud means Wind in the old language of the ancient gods in the north 
of Europe. With his bachelot thesis, the Danish Technology student 
Andreas Bruun Okholm set the first milestone for the Vaavud wind meter 
that turns Smartphones in a small weather station.

In 2011, the first Vaavud wind meter was developed with the help of Kickstarter. 
Within less than a year, the product has been sold in 96 countries, and 
the app has been downloaded more than 30.000 times. Today, Vaavud 
wind meters are used all over the world and have been honored with 
a special mention in the category ‘Marine electronics & Marine related 
software’ in the world’s most prestigious international design competition 
for new marine equipment and accessories, the DAME 2013. Vaavud also 
made it under the finalists in the category "Accessories" at the IPSO 2015 
Brandnew Award.

Vaavud wind meters are small, smart and robust devices and therefore 
ideal for traveling and for everybody who deals with the weather or the 
wind or practices a hobby where the wind plays a role. Vaavud is known 
to provide easy-to-use, innovative, and quality products.