Motore Gimbal Brushless BGM 8108-90 DYS

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    Motore Gimbal Brushless BGM 8108-90 DYS

    Motore Gimbal Brushless BGM 8108-90 DYS

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€ 122.00

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Item no.: BGM8108-90


Wire: 0.22mm

Turn: 90 T

Motor size: 86*26

Shaft: hollow  shaft/ 8.0

¦¸ Ri :9.3ohm

Weight: 219g

This gimbal motor is for the red epic camera using.



DYS released their new hollow shaft BGM series for the DIY community. The hollow shaft allows thin flexible wiring to go through the motor center, this allows a given Axis to rotate 360 deg a few revolutions in both directions. This is perfect for the Z axis on a DIY or converted 2 axis gimbal to do 360 degree sweeps and shoots you would normally have to have the aircraft reposition in flight to achieve. The 2606 is perfect sized for the Z/Yaw axis on a GoPro style Gimbal or Tilt/pitch on a mid-size gimbal. The BGM also has a PCB w/solder pads to attach the control leads and included wiring with JR style connector 

Poles: 12N14P
Turn: 90
Resistance: 11.25ohm
Weight: 39g
Torque: 350g
Bottom holes center to center: 16mm and 19mm M3
Top holes center to center: 16mm M3
Dimensions: 32x17mm
Shaft hole dia: 4.6mm