XML20A DYS slim series esc 20A

  • DY-XML20A
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    XML20A  DYS slim series esc 20A

    XML20A DYS slim series esc 20A

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€ 13.21

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The new DYS XML20A ESCs are specially designed for high KV power racing motors. The small size and long bar design for φ10mm arm tube. Matched perfectly with the new DYS BX1306 and MR2204/ 2205-2300KVseries brushless racing motors.


  • Input voltage: 3-4s Lipo
  • BEC: NO
  • Size(mm): 48L*8.5W*4.0H
  • Type: BLHeli Bootloader & Firmware
  • Weight: 6.8g


  • XM series ESC is the upgraded version of the SN series with advanced processor, a basic frequency up to 50MHz, and faster overall processing capacity to better support high KV motors
  • Designed for quick multi-rotor throttle response
  • Twisted pair cable is used to deliver throttle signal, reducing signal crosstalk while further stabilizing copper wire transmission
  • New miniaturization and ultra-low resistance MOSFET, powerful flow resistance, and professional MOS Drive chips improve efficiency
  • Newly designed PCB board improves impact resistance.
  • Sub-miniaturization design reduces weight while still providing a high performance filtering capacitor
  • Refresh rate of throttle signal up to 500Hz, compatible with all modern flight controllers, including the Naze32 Rev6 and SP Racing F3
  • Ultra-high speed Oneshot125 with 3000Hz refresh rate provides quick, smooth throttle response 
  • Fully programmable via USB port, with two-way and 3D modes for high speed racing and acrobatics.